DENARI POS Computer Registers are the fully automated POS solution for footwear, fashion and sports retailers. DENARI was designed and written for a multi-store retailer to meet the needs of high volume fashion retailing. It is the last word in friendly, fast and secure POS operations.


  • Full Price Lookup (PLU) operation for barcoded stock
  • Non coded stock supported by code lookup and manual entry.
  • Discounts by dollars or percentage.
  • Full layby system including: layby stock, letters for laybys due, cancellations.
  • Online reports of sales, cash staff, etc at any time.
  • PIN No controls on No Sales, Refunds, Voids.
  • Track transactions by category.
  • Credit Notes.
  • Gift Vouchers.
  • EFTPOS, Credit Card, Cash, etc.
  • Change calculations.
  • Step by step instructions on every action.
  • Media slots for non-cash transactions, limiting exposure.
  • Split payments.
  • Connect from office or home at any time to monitor register operation or read sales.
  • Mulitple registers per store.
  • Stock availability at all stores from online enquiry.
  • Till roll totals and subtotals tell you exactly where to look for shortages.
  • Detailed till rolls helps narrow problems to time or staff member.
  • Stock movements (transfers) out and in are recorded and tracked.
  • Bar coded transfer slips.
  • Staff attendance time clock and report.
  • Register is self contained and can operate independent of the main system.
  • Communications fully automated – no staff initiation.
  • Communication times are typically a few minutes per day.
  • Messages from office (including markdown notices and movement instructions) are printed on the till roll.
  • Information is safe if power fails or is switched off.
  • Automatic till off if staff forget.
  • Platform: Linux. Linux is stable, fast and reliable.
  • Secure password access to register.
  • Automatic keyboard lock after a few minutes – cash drawer cannot be opened if staff leave register.
  • All DENARI records – till roll, laybys, transfers etc, are available from FORUM next day.

There’s a lot of reasons, but we use Linux for our POS systems. You can probably do all of these things with Windows, or the cloud but the complete package is what matters to us.

  • Reliability – all machines can operate independent of each other, more or less indefinitely – although there are business issues if a machine is offline for more than a day.
  • Support – complete remote access to every machine is critical to real time support. Software and OS updates are easily (and automatically) applied.
  • Flexibility -The machines are often configured for many more functions than just POS.
  • Real time – We run a large network of real time updates between all machines.
  • Speed – with so much happening it’s important that the POS function appears to operate at full speed all the time.

It’s a combination that is more than a stand alone machine and much more than the cloud.

All back office functions are on a cloud hosted server and not available directly at store level – only store functions.

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